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Updated August 2010

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I want to thank Nessa with all my heart, without whom this would not be possible. I have been a professional film/video editor in Hollywood, CA for over 13 years and have been nominated for several awards.

I really enjoyed making these and love to help others if they feel they need another pair of eyes on their vid. Please feel free to email me or visit my Live Journal: smutcutter.

And visit Hippediva's - her fic is the most amazing you'll find anywhere and obviously, she has been my inspiration for these vids.. and future ones.

Disclaimer: This is a fan activity with no profit made. I do not have the intellectual property rights to most of the source material, video or music, that is being used. However, the vids are my property, and can not be used, copied or distributed in any manner or form without my consent. Some of them are implying a relationship of a romantic nature between two members of the same gender. If this idea is not to your taste, you should go somewhere else.

Please download the vids, do not play them from the web page!

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What Really Happened

This is a Once Upon a Time in Mexico vid - many thanks to Robert Rodriguez who is my editing God!

This vid was made for Hippediva - the song was her idea.

16 MB in .mov.

Kissed a Girl

Multi fandom, comedy. (Also Hippedivas idea!). It debuted at Escapade, and got a very pleasing reception. It's here for all those who asked for it.

18 MB in .mov.

Straight Up

PoTc fandom - Hippediva choose this song and I fought her all the way - I am glad she won.

13 MB in .mov


This vid is a gift to yuna_firerose   - the song and vid idea came from her. It is a Sleepy Hollow vid.

16 MB in .mov


From the movie Secret Window
The vid was for 2005 ClubVivid - VividCon and made for Hippediva

15 MB in .mov

Back in Black Star Wars
Anakin/Darth Vader vid
This one was MY idea!
19 MB in .mov.
By Any Other Name

2007 Escapade Vid
It was inspired by the story "Standing Stones" by Hippediva

 25 MB in .mov.

Head in the Game

Ocean's 11 & 13 - Premiered at Escapade 2008.

All my own idea!

49 MB  in .mov.

Don't impress me

new august 2010

This one is made just for me!


22 MB in .mp4

The End

new august 2010

Auction vid from Escapade 2010 - No H8.


34 MB in .m4v.

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